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Broken Sword 2.5

The last months were quite a blow of fate to George Stobbart. First he had to leave Nico for one year because of an important trip to the USA, then his beloved grandfather died of a cancerous growth. But that was not everything. When George receives a telegram from France one day he already has a foreboding of evil. The consigner is–Nicole Collard, Paris, France. His presentiment shall turn into cruel certainty: Nico is dead! "First my grandpa and now Nico?", George thinks and takes the first plane to Paris. On his arrival: Rain, storm, like an appropriate divine answer to George's situation. In Nico's apartment the next shock: Nico is alive. Totally bewildered he tells her about the telegram but Nico seems not to be surprised. On the contrary, she asks George to leave the apartment. She does not seem to take delight in the unexpected reunion. Still sorting his thoughts in the Cafe della Chandelle Verte–where everything began–George hears an alarming story about Nico from Andre Lobineau making the unpleasant thought germinate in him that the Neo-Templars could still exist...

Broken Sword 2.5 is an inofficial, fan-made sequel to the fantastic adventure game series from Revolution Software, done in the classic 2D point&click style we all know and love. After about 8 years of development, the German-voiced version (with English subtitles) was finally released in September of 2008. At the time of this writing, a full English version is still being worked on. So far, we estimate that the game has been downloaded some 100.000 times from the various mirrors.

Particularily worth mentioning is the, for a non-commercial fan project, impressive list of professional voice actors. It includes people like Alexander Schottky, who plays George in the German versions of the official games, or Joachim Kerzel, the German voice of Anthony Hopkins.

I've been part of the project since February 2004, and was mostly responsible for server stuff and the occasional programming job.


Broken Sword 2.5 Screenshot Broken Sword 2.5 Screenshot Broken Sword 2.5 Screenshot