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Corporeal is a password manager, somewhat inspired by KeePass Password Safe. It strives to keep it's UI simple and straightforward. Rather than using a category system, passwords are organized in a flat list, a search/filter function making sure you'll find the one you need. All the core functionality you would expect is there. Import from and export to KeePass XML files is supported (which in turn can export to a variety of formats), so you'll be able to take your passwords elsewhere if you decide that Corporeal is not for you after all.

So are your passwords secure? Reasonably secure, yes. If you want to protect classified information, this is not the tool to do the job. Otherwise, it might be. See the security section below and decide for yourself.

The source code is available under a GPL license, see the download section.


Corporeal Screenshot Corporeal Screenshot Corporeal Screenshot


Security features that are implemented:

Security features that are (currently) not implemented:


The latest version is 1.16, published 2011-12-03. See the Changelog.

Please note: Upon downloading, you agree that this software is provided on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.


Currently, the interface supports the following langagues:

If you want to help adding more languages to that list, download the template file, translate it using a tool like PoEdit or PoTranslator, and email me the resulting .po file. I'll include it in the next release, giving you proper credit, of course.

To test your translation, copy the compiled .mo file to to the following location, creating directories as necessary:

Replace xx with the language code, e.g. "de", "fr" etc.


1.16 (12-04-2011)

  • Fixed: Search feature was broken in 1.15.

1.15 (12-03-2011)

  • Fixed issue with hanging processes, existing Corporeal instance sometimes not coming back from tray if triggered via a new process.
  • Password generator: Increase default length to 15.
  • Now compiled with Delphi 2009, various third party upgrades.

1.11 (03-26-2009)

  • Fixed: Search edit field is now again automatically focused on start.
  • Fixed: KeePass export now works on Vista as well.

1.10 (04-22-2007)

  • Fixed a rare exception that occured after the "Change Master Key" functionality was used.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some toolbar buttons to disappear if the window was made small enough.
  • Fixed a bug where the main window position was reset when the workspace was locked.
  • Fixed a bug which enabled password spy utilities to easily retrieve the preloaded contents of an edit field.
  • Now compiled with Delphi 2007, improved Vista compatiblity.
  • Improved TaskDialog emulation on Non-Vista systems.
  • Renamed the program for legal reasons from Patronus to Corporeal.

1.02 (03-31-2007)

  • First public release.

1.01 (03-27-2007)

  • Added option to limit to one instance. This is enabled per default.

1.0 (January 2007)

  • Non-public release.

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