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Wormtail is a Windows GUI version of the tail utility you'll find on Unix systems. It displays the last X lines of a file, and then subsequently monitors it to also show additional lines as they are being added. The primary use case for this are obviously log files. Note that Wormtail expects content to be added in the form of complete new lines. If this is not the case, you'll likely find the output not quite as helpful.

Additonally, you can specify rulesets to automatically color/highlight incoming lines, based on regular expression matches (see screenshots).


Wormtail Screenshot Wormtail Screenshot


The latest version is 1.03, published 2008-02-21. See the Changelog.


Currently, the interface supports the following langagues:

If you want to help adding more languages to that list, download the template file, translate it using a tool like PoEdit or PoTranslator, and email me the resulting .po file. I'll include it in the next release, giving you proper credit, of course.

To test your translation, copy the compiled .mo file to to the following location, creating directories as necessary:

Replace xx with the language code, e.g. "de", "fr" etc.


1.03 (03-24-2007)

  • Another build process test - no actual changes.

1.02 (03-23-2007)

  • Fixed: In some cases, the last position of the rules window was not saved correctly.
  • Fixed: Some strings that were not localizable.
  • Internal file explorer no longer shows the control panel.
  • Internal file explorer no longer tries to open directory links.
  • Internal file explorer no longer accepts drag&drop operations.
  • Internal file explorer now supports incremental search.

1.01 (03-23-2007)

  • Just testing the build process ;)

1.0 (03-22-2007)

  • Initial release.

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